The Garden at the "Breeze" in May

We bought the lovely old farmhouse in 1998. Janet began rejuvenating the garden even before we officially took possession of the property. When we arrived,  magnificent Yew, Arbutus, Holly and Walnut trees as well as numerous fruit trees left over from the original 150 acre orchard towered over a sea of parched lawn festooned with dandelions, struggling roses and overgrown hedges.
    Tons of dirt and compost have been applied, hundreds of plants have been added, trees and hedges have been pruned and the neighbours now applaud from the street (literally). In May 2001 we were presented with two awards for the restoration of the house.
Bay Laurel
Side Perennial Garden

Our Garden: June July August September Victoria in October

To the University of Victoria Finnerty Gardens - Near Bay Breeze Manor

Photos of the Abkhazi Garden - a 10 minute drive away

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